Designers & installers of Steel Framing Systems (SFS)

Standard Terms And Conditions of Design

Manorcraft Exteriors Limited hereinafter referred to as Manorcraft offer the following Standard Terms and Conditions :

1. Design Service

1.1 Extent of Design Service

Manorcraft will agree with the client or client’s representative, (Architect /Design team), the extent and sope of the design works at the start of the project. Manorcraft can provide 2 distinct levels of design service, individually categorised as “Indicative design” as outlined in section 1.2 and “full design” as outlined in section 1.3

1.2 Extent of Design Service : Indicative Design

It must be considered that the basic indicative design approach requires full approval and warranty by the Client /Architect/Design team. Manorcraft accept absolutely no liability for any aspect of the basic indicative design or any of the consequences of such whatsoever.

As part of the basic indicative design service we will provide :

The stud section size and gauge required based on wind zone and vertical span. A selection of opening designs to provide the most common solutions. Typical Panel details, (usually a maximum of 2 no.) including typical Jamb, Cill and Lintel constructions. Basic fixing details.

1.3 Extent of Design Service : Full Design

As part of the full design service we will provide(relative to SFS only) : Detailed working drawings to include elevations and sections for approval by the project Architect. Structural calculations. Stud and track design. Fixing design and specification. Structural opening design. Design of any necessary off-set cleats, brackets etc. Attendance (within reason) and SFS advice at relevant project design team meetings.

1.4 Design of Hot Rolled Steel Members

There can be occasions with SFS framing when additional hot rolled steel may be required in order to support the façade or other items attached to the façade. The design of such hot rolled steel is not included within the full design service.

1.5 Production of Working Drawings ( Full Design Service Only )

After the receipt of all the relevant information as outlined in 2.2 the Manorcraft Design Team will proceed to prepare the design whilst also issuing RFI’s where required.

Manorcraft Exteriors will submit, within agreed time periods, detailed drawings to the Architect / Design team for comment and approval. Manorcraft will issue an initial, preliminary design to the Architect for comment. After the receipt of comments Manorcraft will incorporate and revise if necessary and then proceed to issue to the Architect / Design team for final approval prior to the issue of construction drawings.

1.6 Charges for Design Work

A minimum charge of £1,000 is applicable to all design work undertaken on behalf of the client by Manorcraft. Full design costs can be charged on a £’s per m2 basis gross over the surface area of the building envelope. Alternatively they may be charged on a lump sum basis.

For more complex projects ( as defined by Manorcraft ) it may be that specific exclusions are made whilst the design of the primary structure and façade progresses. These exclusions will be price calculated as and when appropriate and charged in addition to any other fees.

2 Conditions of Design

2.1 Conditions Applicable to Design Service

Manorcraft will undertake detailed design in the scope of works as agreed with the client once we are in full receipt of the Required Information as outlined in 2.2 and all conditions met.

2.2Conditions Applicable to Design Service

Manorcraft will only commence design works upon receipt of the following information which must be relative to the proposed building areas under consideration: In order to prepare the indicative design as outlined in 1.2 we require applicable items as follows : Architects drawings preferably in DWG format. Structural Engineers drawings preferably in DWG format. Preferred system type i.e. Infill or Oversail. Maximum live load deflection value. Site address and postcode to calculate wind loadings

In order to prepare the full design as outlined in 1.3 we require applicable items as follows :

  • Architects drawings preferably in DWG format.
  • Structural Engineers drawings preferably in DWG format.
  • Preferred system type i.e. Infill or Oversail. Maximum live load / dead load deflection values and
  • anticipated building movement requirements.
  • Site address and postcode to calculate wind loadings.
  • Door and window schedules detailing structural opening sizes.
  • Architect and Project Structural Engineer specifications.
  • Contact details for all Consultant and Sub-Contract designers involved with the project.

2.3 Conditions Applicable to Design Service

The period for design will be subject to change should any of the following occur :
The failure of or an inadequate response by the Architect / design team in reply to requests for information submitted by Manorcraft.

Failure by the client / design team to approve drawing submissions by Manorcraft.
Changes or variations to the extent or scope of works.

3 Variations

3.1 Rates of Variation Work

Any design work undertaken by Manorcraft on behalf of the client that is deemed to be outside of the agreed scope or extent of works will be subject to variation. The valuation of such variation will be based on cost s as detailed below :

Design / Management / Engineering = £60 per hour

4 Design Liability & Professional Indemnity

4.1 Design Liability

Manorcraft accept design liability for their work only when all terms and conditions have been met.

4.2 Design Liability

Manorcraft can provide evidence of Professional Indemnity insurance on request. The provision of an Indemnity is subject to agreement and charges.

5 Installation

5.1 Design and Installation by Manorcraft Exteriors

Manorcraft Exteriors will to enter a separate contractual agreement ( A standard form of Domestic Sub-Contract ) with respect to any installation carried by Manorcaft. If Manorcraft carry out both design and installation then these terms and conditions will form part of that agreement.

5.2 Collateral Warranty and Installation by a Third Party

Manorcraft Exteriors do not offer collateral warranty with respect to installation by a third party. However, Manorcraft may enter into a separate agreement with the client whereby Manorcraft will inspect and assess installations on behalf of the client. Manorcraft may make then recommendations to the client for necessary remedial measures or improvements to the third party installation.