Designers & installers of Steel Framing Systems (SFS)

Design Of Cold Rolled Steel Framing - Full Design

Manorcraft Exterior Systems can provide 2 distinct levels of design service, individually categorised as “Indicative design” and “full design” along with a complete envelope solution if required.

Full Design

There is often a requirement, particularly on more complex projects for the the full design of SFS and the production of full working drawings. The advantage of full design can be the ability to prepare more accurate bills and realistic costs from the outset. Furthermore, it is unlikely that progress will be disrupted on site due to a lack of design detailing. The advantage for the client / contractor in this situation is that our full design service is backed by a full Professional Indemnity. This provides complete piece of mind to the project design team, main contractor and client.  All our designs are prepared by ISO9001 Accredited designers using the latest BS5950 part 5 : Code of Practice for design of cold formed thin gauge sections.


For relatively simple projects full design costs are usually charged on a £’s per m2 basis gross over the surface area of the building envelope. For more complex projects it may be that specific exclusions are made whilst the design of the primary structure and façade progresses. In these situations we will liase directly with you to ensure the optimum solution.

As part of the full design service we will provide(relative to SFS only) :

  • Detailed working drawings to include elevations and sections for approval by the project Architect.
  • Structural calculations.
  • Stud and track design.
  • Fixing design and specification.
  • Structural opening design.
  • Design of any necessary off-set cleats, brackets etc.
  • Attendance and SFS advice at project design team meetings.  

In order to prepare the full design we require applicable items as follows:

  • Architects drawings preferably in DWG format.
  • Structural Engineers drawings preferably in DWG format.
  • Preferred system type i.e.  Infill or Oversail.
  • Maximum live load deflection value.
  • Site address and postcode to calculate wind loadings.
  • Door and window schedules detailing structural opening sizes.
  • Architect and Project Structural Engineer specifications.
  • Contact details for all Consultant and Sub-Contract designers involved with the project.

The Design Process
After the receipt of all the relevant information the Manorcraft Design Team will proceed to prepare the design whilst also issuing RFI’s where required. Manorcraft will then proceed to issue an initial, preliminary design to the Architect for comment. After receipt of comments Manorcraft will incorporate and proceed to issue to the Architect for final approval prior to the issue of construction drawings.

It is important to note that there can be occasions with SFS framing when additional hot rolled steel may be required in order to support the façade or other items attached to the façade. The design of such hot rolled steel is not included within the full design service.