Designers & installers of Steel Framing Systems (SFS)

Design Of Cold Rolled Steel Framing

MEX. Can provide 2 distinct levels of design service, individually categorised as “Indicative design” and “full design” along with a complete envelope solution if required.

Basic Indicative Design
Based on anticipated loadings we can calculate and provide the anticipated Stud sections required. We will also take into account a selection of openings and provide standard opening and panel details. The details we provide will facilitate the production of budget costs in order to assist in determining economic feasibility.  Ultimately, and depending on the complexity of the project it may be decided by the project team that an actual full design is not required. If this is the case then construction may progress based on the indicative design.  However, it must be considered that the basic indicative design approach requires full approval and warranty by the Client / project engineer. Manorcraft accept absolutely no liability for any aspect of the basic indicative design or any of the consequences of such whatsoever. The indicative design service is usually provided free of charge.

As part of the basic indicative design service we will provide :

  • The stud section size and gauge required based on wind zone and vertical span.
  • A selection of opening designs to provide the most common solutions.
  • Typical Panel details, (usually a maximum of 2 no.) including typical Jamb, Cill and Lintel constructions.   
  • Basic fixing details.

In order to prepare the indicative design we require applicable items as follows :

  • Architects drawings preferably in DWG format.
  • Structural Engineers drawings preferably in DWG format.
  • Preferred system type i.e. Infill or Oversail.
  • Maximum live load deflection value. Site address and postcode to calculate wind loadings