Designers & installers of Steel Framing Systems (SFS)

Advantages Of Cold Rolled Steel Framing

When Compared to Masonry

  • Steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any building material inc. masonry.
  • Steel facades can be erected far more quickly than traditional masonry, particularly when
    considering the vagaries of the UK climate. 
  • The building to a large degree can be weather proofed at an earlier stage allowing internal
    activities to progress thereby reducing programme times and expensive preliminary costs. 
  • Steel Facades can be considerably lighter than masonry, sometimes reducing formation and
    foundation requirements.
  • Steel facades can provide far more accuracy in line and level than can be achieved in masonry
    or timber.
  • Steel being more ductile than concrete will provide more resistance to structural cracking.
  • Steel facades reduce the need for wet trades on site.

When Compared to Timber

  • Steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any building material inc. timber.
  • Steel is roll formed into uniform, precise shapes with exact tolerances for consistent material
  • Steel Studs are straight. They don’t warp, twist, bow, split or have knots, which means straight 
    walls and square corners.
  • Steel is dimensionally stable and will not shrink like wood, eliminating nail popping and wall
    cracking. Steel does not rot, promote mould or mildew and is impermeable to vermin, termites and insects. 
  • Steel framing can reach far greater spans than traditional or engineered timber, providing larger
    open spaces.
  • Stick for Stick, steel can weigh 50% less than timber. 
  • Steel can be temporarily stored externally without fear of water absorbtion. 
  • Steel Framing is not combistible and will not add fuel to fire.

Corrosion Concerns

Zinc coating protects steel by providing a physical barrier as well as a cathodic protection to the underlying steel. When the base is exposed, such as when cut or scratched, the steel is cathodically protected by the sacrificial corrosion of the zinc coating adjacent to the steel.